Jaguar XK 150 Tow Car

The car started life in 1959 as a standard 3.8 XK 150 S coupe (chassis No. S. 825043 DN). The original engine (VA 1219-8) was later swapped (LB 2049 according the logbook.)

Handwritten records of the car seem to indicate that the original color was Cream with a Maroon interior. The logbook shows that the first two owners lived in Cheshire, UK

The car’s colorful life began on the 14th June 1964 when Douglas Hull Ltd. from Finmere, Buckingham, UK, bought it. Mr. Hull owned a garage not far from the Silverstone race track and needed a fast practical car which would also be good for towing. He asked Douglas Wilson Spratt, who was well known at the time for fettling, racing and building fast Sprites, to transform the XK 150 S.

Jaguar XK 150 Tow Car

In 1968 Wilson Spratt sent the XK to PEELS of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey UK. There, coachbuilders Alec Goldie and Les Faulkner grafted on a Shooting Brake body and – very important – a towing hook (see photo nbr. 1 in the picture gallery). It was then that the car was first painted metallic grey or gunmetal. There’s a rumor that Frank Feeley of Aston Martin fame had something to do with the swooping design of the rear wings. At any rate this is probably the best looking station wagon conversion of a Jaguar XK.

While the body was being converted, Wilson Spratt modified the engine to a full blown 3.8 E-type race engine. Soon the XK with registration 6797 N got attention within the amateur racing circles in the UK and was surnamed the ‘tow car’. It was frequently used by the late Hon. Patrick Lindsay for towing his famous ex-Bira ERA Remus to its racing successes. Continue reading “Jaguar XK 150 Tow Car”