Bugatti Type 35 – the winning type

It was behind the wheel of a Type 35 that Ettore Bugatti wrote racing history. Between 1924 and 1931 Bugatti notched up more victories than any other manufacturer. Today, this record-making Bugatti ranks amongst the stars of any classic car event…

It was in 1924 that Ettore Bugatti first presented the car at the “Grand Prix de l’Automobile Club de France” in Lyon that was later to become the Bugatti, namely the Type 35. The success of this legendary car is partly due to its 8 cylinders, 24 valves with overhead camshaft, 2000 cc displacement, light alloy wheels and a simple but effective body.

Bugatti Type 35
The Type 35 was built in a number of different versions, these being fitted with a range of engines from a 1.5 l version without a compressor up to a 2.3 l version with a compressor.

Within the space of 3 years drivers such as Louis Alexandre Chiron and Tazio Nuvolari and their numerous racing successes behind the wheel of the Type 35 laid the foundation for the legendary reputation of the “most beautiful racing car” of its day. It is said that the Type 35 won 2,000 races, including regional mountain races.

In addition to what was in those days outstanding engineering, the Type 35 also stood out due to its external appearance. Ettore Bugatti wanted to build a “beautiful” racing car. Starting with the cooler, which, as in numerous other models, symbolised the shape of a “delicate bow of a slim boat”, Bugatti presented his most successful racing car with eight broad aluminium spokes. Even from today’s viewpoint, the Type 35 is a technical and stylistic masterpiece by Ettore Bugatti.